Saturday, November 22, 2008

Masters of Metal Shoreline

Just a few pic from the last day of the tour ..... more to come

Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell and Judas Priest

A few more photos from now a dayzzz....

It had been quite some time since we had a good old fashioned reunion of friends and it all started at the KUSF Rock and Swap one Sunday afternoon. Sven of SF Mercenary fame and long time friend came along as I had a funny feeling we may run into Zary Smith who owned my home away from home in the '80s and place I grew up, the world famous Record Vault.

Anyway we got to USF and found some pretty damn cool and rare boots and dvds...... i picked up a copy of Van Halen live in Largo in 1982.... pro shot and well edited.... I am drifting, anyway we are at the back of the room and who do we indeed run into but good old Z and his girlfriend Karen.

It was even more of a flashback when KB comes walking up to us with a typical and oh so familiar..... "sup buddy...." a phrase he used all the time back in the day and still does to this day I find out. I haven't seen Zary for at least 6 years and KB..... I saw him last in 1989.

Continuing with the irony, we find out that Brocus Helm, with Jim Schumacher bass player and Record Vault Saturday register man, are playing the Parkside the next night. With a little effort the plan is set. Zary and Karen will bring Greg to the show where Sven and I will meet up and toast to the old days. It has been a long time since Zary, Greg, Jim, Sven and myself have gone to a show together..... even though Jim is playing, I think last time was Motorhead at The Pauley Ballroom in Berkeley .... 1987 I believe.

Brocus were stellar and even better was the time with old friends ....

Zary, Jimmie, Timi and Butler 

A little more Vault stuff

SO here is the pic  I have been looking all over for. This was the Record Vault pre-awning and those of you who were there remember what I mean. The flags were a flyin and I got Skitchy and Butler to pose after a six pack of Coors and our traditional Sunday afternoon bottle of hot peppers and cheese. Anyway here is a flashback to 1985 ...... and yes you remember what they were pointing at don't you ?