Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

We have some really great shows coming up boys and girls...... Slayer, Megadeth and Testament at the Cow Palace ... can you say 1991!!! I am reliving it very soon .

Check out the little visit with the old men of rock last month in the mean time.......

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ever Wonder..........

Just a funny bit of trivia here boys and girls....
Ever wonder what the Filet O Fish sandwich is made of....... ?


This is the Hoki.... a scary looking bug eyed specimen from New Zealand ... UGLY !

Monday, August 31, 2009

....takes another drink or two ...... things look better when she's thru.......

Judas Priest 2009 ....... as heavy at 1989.... and as classic as 1980

It has been a long time coming as I have thought over and over about just how amazing... yes amazing I thought Judas Priest sounded on this tour as I was lucky enough to have seem them twice, once in Concord and once in Paso Robles, CA.

The Concord show was tighter and Rob sounded better but no to take anything away from the Paso show as it was fantastic.

I have seen JP at least ten times with Rob and twice with Ripper. Ripper was a great way to carry the flag forward but as soon as the news went out that Halford was returning, it was an excitement that I felt which I can only compare to what I felt my first time seeing them at the Cow Palace back in the '80's. I just love the man's ability to sing like no other and if I had to choose between Dickenson and Halford I would choose Halford ..... hands down... every time..... but I digress ......

In 2005 I saw the return of Halford in Texas (Umlaut in attendance that night as well) as I was not able to catch the OzzFest show in Cali with Priest. I knew this was one show I HAD TO SEE and waiting for the next tour just would not do. I went, I rocked, I sang, I loved it, but Rob did seem a bit slower than before and while still able to hit those notes, he had to hunch over and sometimes seemed to strain to nail them. I guess we all get older. They still killed it, and then on the Angel tour again they ripped.......

We get to this tour..... all I can say is Rob seems to have gone back in time, nice going as this was the celebration of their 1980 classic, but seriously, his chops have seemed to have gotten stronger than ever, he is actually heavier than the 80's but ...... you tell me if I am insane...... I may just still be in my state of euphoria, the one that I get in every time I see the masters of metal live..... I only hope I can see them again soon..... I may just have to travel a bit more to catch some more shows ... 2 just wasn't enough.....

Enjoy a clip of Rapid Fire... from Paso Robles

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The real side of human evil

The tour of the old hotspots of thrash

Calling all Cars ......... we need to get some of the old crew back together to do a tour of the old haunts.

I am a fan of the then and now pics and what better to use as a subject than the places we frequented back in the '80s when thrash was just beginning ......

Let's build this list people


Ruthies Inn

Keystone Palo Alto
Berkley Square
Mabuhay Gardens
Rock on Broadway............................what am I forgetting people? TELL ME

I am going to hunt the place down and photo it now and compare to what it was when we loved it.

Maybe one of these can be resurrected into a modern thrash club that becomes nationwide famous.

Photos Coming soon..... WHO WILL BE THE FIRST to help me.... tell me..... 408-242-0063


Monday, May 4, 2009

A Night of ANVIL and friends

There has to be one of those nights that comes along every once in a while that far surpass any expectations that one may have of what may be about to happen....... this was one of those nights.

I saw the Anvil movie last week at a 3pm showing on a Sunday and it was filled with about 20 folks who came to see what the buzz was all about and maybe 5 of us who were there because we remembered the story of Anvil from back in the days of the Record Vault and Metal on Metal.....

At the end of this fantastic screening the lady who ran the movie walked out to tell us that Anvil would be playing here next week, at which point I SCREECHED and jumped up and down at the idea of seeing the band here at the Bridge movie house. You see I missed the show at SLIMS which Umlaut said was pretty damn cool.

I booked my iCal to make sure I had that next Sunday all planned and ready to roll.

Tonight .......ONE WEEK LATER:

I reached out to Umlaut looking for a report at 6:15pm on the status of the line and ticket situation and he told me the 7:10 show was sold out. DAMMIT !
He then recommended I look online which I did right away and found a ticket to the 9:45 pm show. Anvil would play after each showing of the film. I rushed down to the Bridge and got there at 9pm. I ran into John Jeremy and we got our ticket and then I saw Umlaut who proceeded to tell me that the show was cut short by a broken string.
It was however amazing and that ........I HAD TO SIT UP CLOSE.
So I walked in and went up to reserve a seat in the second row and dropped my sweatshirt over the chair so no-one would take it .

I strolled over to get a coke and there was Robb Reiner who I had to say hello to and tell him how great the film was and how proud I was of the band and all they did. He was very genuine and thanked me, asked me to tell my friends then I followed it up with a purchase of a cd and my first Anvil shirt ! Righteous !!!

Back I go in to sit down for my second showing of the film which is showing at Cannes as well with the full Anvil Experience! The show began and due to the fact the drums were on the stage they did block a little of the bottom of the screen but that was little to sacrifice after a high five from LIPPS as he headed down the aisle.

Film Begins ............................The story goes 1984 Japan and all the bands they influenced to the current day where our heros are living typical lives as delivery men helping children, doing good and at the same time they are doing the one thing they know how to do really well.They
play music and have been for years now. Lipps and Rob and now Glenn are tearing it up locally in Canada when they get the email of a tour for them that has so much potential but as you see it unravel it is a disaster unfolding..... missed trains , unpaid gigs, a bad manager who has her heart in the right place but he head up her ass. The other weakness is the guitarist who is her boyfriend. You have Lipps, Robb and Glenn against the world ... It should be fun .... not now but it will be soon..... tour ends... back to work.... we have this great material.... we send it to the man from the past and he says that it can all work if they want to do it.


It will cost thousands to do it, Lipps's sister financially backs the project and we are on!!!!

A few fights and few jokes and weeks in this lovely location bring everyone closer and closer ... hugs ... hugs.....

NOW WE HAVE THIRTEEN and we are going to send this out ourselves, they send to Japan and this gets a Japanese invite to a festival that will be huge .... Anvil to play it. YAY

Anvil to Japan ... deja-vou indeed and we just hope they have at least 500 people in a stadium that can hold 200000.

I see 10000 fans screaming for ANVIL... it is Brilliant ... WE LOVE THE FILM

What is this? The scream of a guitar !! Here come Lipps and Rob and Glenn playing for us at The Bridge.

Set List

This Is Thirteen
White Rhino (drum solo) dedicated to their favorite weed
Winged Assasin
Metal on Metal
Mothra ( with nice story telling from Lipps)

They Tore it up !!! I love these guys

For the end of the night I ended up being in the lobby of the theater chatting at first with Lipps. I asked him about the filming process of the movie which he starts to explain the director blew him away by approaching him after learning more about the bands unsung releases and telling him he wanted to do a movie about Anvil....but we we interupted by a reality tv show that was trying to interview the Lipps man at the time we were in deep chat, but we allowed the interruption. After a question via a microphone the camera turned to me and asked "what do you think Timi" I turned right the camera and said that these guys are legends and have everything coming to them. I said I was so very very proud of them and was so happy to see them getting what the deserve. Lipps was obviously touched as he reached out and bear hugged me saying how much he love me too... it was a great moment caught in tape and you had to be there to feel the power.

The chat with Rob and Glenn was grand and fulfilling as we discussed how I got it on how they should be a threesome and don't need a fourth..... WOW what a night of memories.

Thanks to all the old skool team there to make it special!!!!

Make sure you support these guys and go see them as the hit your area ........ Rock and Roll

I blasted 13 on the way to work with the top down...... KILLER

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Long Time Ago

SO it has been a bit since my last post, I will blame work for that but I am back now and fresh off the heels of CES in Las Vegas where the hit of the show was a super slim 2/3 inch thick LED TV by Samsung but enough geeky stuff let's take a look at something really unique. Back in 1993 I shot a photo of the then Revenge lineup of KISS and by accident used an already used roll of film.

Irony #1 - It was used a few weeks before to shoot the Peter Criss show in Sacramento 
Irony #2 - Peter's face superimposed over Eric Singer's face almost in a ghost like format.


This was 3 years before the reunion ..... enjoy....