Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Testament Love Doll

Here is the footage of Testament bringing the blow up love doll on stage for Motorhead's set.....
again, you gotta love the bay area thrashers.

A Horse, Motorhead, A Blow Up Doll and Testament

You know you witness something really rare when you can say that you saw Phil Campbellin a blue wig riding a horse with Lemmy sweeping up after it and it all happened at a Testament show at the Shoreline Amphitheater.

It was the final day of the MASTERS OF METAL TOUR with Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell and Judas Priest. Being Testament's home turf it was that much more special but while walking past production earlier that day I notices a horse trailer and a pile of horse dung being tended to by some roadies..... ODD. I moved on.

As Testament went on I took to my place that was dead center 10th row, thank you Mr Travis, and watched as Chuck, Alex, Eric, Greg and Paul took the stage tearing thru classics and some really strong tracks from the new cd. It is so great that we have local boys who have stayed true to their style and love of thrash. I you see and hear in the video, Chuck announces that it is the final day of the tour just as the boys of Motorhead come out in a rare segment dressed up in garb reminding me of the antics of old.

Mickey Dee all dressed up in Ace of Spades gear, Phil riding on a horse wearing his favorite blue wig and Lemms sweeping up after the horse. Don't let it be said ever that Motorhead don't have a sense of humor. God love these guys. I love Lemmy waving to the crowd as he sweeps up the final bit of horse trailings ......... 

NOT TO BE SHOWN UP .... however I think the horse won, the boys in Testament had something up their own sleeves. A few drinks and a bunch of lung power later they were garnishing the Motorhead stage with their own props of fake poontang and plastic....