Monday, August 31, 2009

Judas Priest 2009 ....... as heavy at 1989.... and as classic as 1980

It has been a long time coming as I have thought over and over about just how amazing... yes amazing I thought Judas Priest sounded on this tour as I was lucky enough to have seem them twice, once in Concord and once in Paso Robles, CA.

The Concord show was tighter and Rob sounded better but no to take anything away from the Paso show as it was fantastic.

I have seen JP at least ten times with Rob and twice with Ripper. Ripper was a great way to carry the flag forward but as soon as the news went out that Halford was returning, it was an excitement that I felt which I can only compare to what I felt my first time seeing them at the Cow Palace back in the '80's. I just love the man's ability to sing like no other and if I had to choose between Dickenson and Halford I would choose Halford ..... hands down... every time..... but I digress ......

In 2005 I saw the return of Halford in Texas (Umlaut in attendance that night as well) as I was not able to catch the OzzFest show in Cali with Priest. I knew this was one show I HAD TO SEE and waiting for the next tour just would not do. I went, I rocked, I sang, I loved it, but Rob did seem a bit slower than before and while still able to hit those notes, he had to hunch over and sometimes seemed to strain to nail them. I guess we all get older. They still killed it, and then on the Angel tour again they ripped.......

We get to this tour..... all I can say is Rob seems to have gone back in time, nice going as this was the celebration of their 1980 classic, but seriously, his chops have seemed to have gotten stronger than ever, he is actually heavier than the 80's but ...... you tell me if I am insane...... I may just still be in my state of euphoria, the one that I get in every time I see the masters of metal live..... I only hope I can see them again soon..... I may just have to travel a bit more to catch some more shows ... 2 just wasn't enough.....

Enjoy a clip of Rapid Fire... from Paso Robles


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